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Massage Tips

Pre-Massage: Try to bathe/shower prior to your session. If you can warm the body by taking a hot shower or bath, it will start to relax the body so the therapist can work on the soft tissues.

Please refrain from wearing cologne, perfume or sunless tanning products the day of your massage. If you smoke, please do not smoke before your session. (I retain the right to refuse service to any client who does not comply with this request.)

A health History Form is required. On this form, please note any medical conditions which are contraindicate to massage. High blood pressure (not treated), diabetes (not under control), cancer, illness, and other conditions need to be listed so that I can modify your session. I will spend a few minutes going over the form and getting information about what you want from the session, i.e. relaxation, stress relief, muscle recovery, improve circulation, pain relief, deep tissue work to stretch tendons & ligaments, and to break down fibrous scar tissue which form as the result of injury, age, etc.

You will need to undress to your underwear for a complete body massage. I will tell you how to be covered for your session. Sessions targeting specific body areas such as the rotor cuff group, elbow, knee, hamstring or wrists will not require you to undress completely.

Remove all jewelry, contacts, eyeglasses, etc.

During Massage: Soothing music is often used to facilitate relaxation. Please tell me if you feel any discomfort during the session. Pain is a sign that there is problem. Keep in mind that deep tissue work can cause some pain in order to stretch the tendons and ligaments; and to break down scar tissue which is interfering with Range-Of-Motion (ROM).

Please don’t remove the drape, VA law requires draping at all times. I will only remove the drape for the portion of the body being worked on.

It is OK to nap! I will instruct you if needed for turning or changing body position. It is important to keep warm and stay relaxed.

Post Massage: Drink plenty of liquids after your session. Water, soup, juices, etc. Avoid excessive alcohol and caffeinated beverages which will dehydrate your body.

If sore or bruised from deep tissue work, RICE the area: Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate

Take a hot bath with Epsom salt for at least 20 minutes prior to going to bed to aid in the removal of waste products from the body. The magnesium in the salt will help relax the muscles. Don’t take a hot bath if you had deep tissue work and I have told you to ice the affected area.

Avoid working out for 24 to 48 hours, so the body can recover from your session.

Some people may feel fatigue after the massage. This is because waste products have been pushed out of the tissues and muscles into the blood stream. These toxins can make you feel unwell. A good nights rest will allow the kidney and liver to rid the body of these wastes.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me. (804) 248-1873

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